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Malones Natural Cleaning Products are non toxic cleaners that are gentle and safe for all. Made with all natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oils of relaxing lavender, geranium, rosemary and orange and lemon, Malones products promote stress free, effective cleaning.

Our products are safe for sufferers of asthma and/or allergies, where more mainstream products can aggravate the conditions. Malones extensive range of cleaning products are free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleaches, formaldehydes, phosphates, solvents and silicones.

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Some Recycling Observations

Liz Queen of Clean

We all know that we should be nice to our environment, what has it ever done to us?

So here are a few tips that will help our macro environment brighten up our micro environment.

  • Instead of throwing away all of your tin cans add a splash of colour by painting the outside and use them as flowerpots for small plants around the house.
  • After enjoying the wines or spirits from the bottle wash it off with warm water, peel the label away and there are several uses; they can be used as candlesticks; fill them with a small set of fairy lights or for the more technically minded out there you could turn it into a lamp.
  • Many of our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and no matter how hard you try there will be some leftovers. Instead of filling up your bin think about sandwiches or lunches for the next day; stale bread is perfect for breadcrumbs toasted lightly in the oven; or perhaps even start a compost heap in the garden.
  • It is just annoying to get yourself down to the clothes bank to dump old bed clothes or sheets. An alternative (if you are handy with a sewing machine) is to use them re cover old pillows, cushions or chairs.
  • Bent paper-clips are useless and sometimes a little sore if you come across then unexpectedly.  Try turning them into hooks for broken decorations that you use in late December (We are avoiding using the actual word in mid August ;-))

I hope these tips are helpful and please feel free to add any of your own.

Enter Our Caption Competition! Win Malones natural cleaning goodies.

Liz Queen of Clean

Look how much fun you can have using Malones Cleaning Products! We like the below photo so much that we've decided to run a caption competition with it! Enter the competition by leaving a comment below as a caption for this photo. Best caption will win Malones Cleaning Supplies. We may even pick a few winners! We look forward to reading your replies!

Malones Cleaning Spray

Malones Cleaning Spray

What will your caption be?


Liz Queen of Clean


Natural cleaning products offer environmentally sound, alternatives to the toxic and potentially lethal household cleaning products used in many homes today. Use of these natural options is especially critical as most traditional cleaning products eventually contact the air, water, and/or soil, where they can cause significant and irreparable harm to animals, plants, drinking water, and food supplies.

These cleaning products contain dangerous ingredients, including neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, central nervous system depressants, heavy metals, and other agents that cause or contribute to cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive abnormalities, allergic reactions, and behavioral problems, among other health issues. Ingredients from household cleaning products make their way into the environment through various routes: they are flushed down toilets, poured down sinks, sprayed into the air, thrown into the trash, and dumped onto the ground. In fact, many hazardous cleaning products are landfilled or incinerated, upon which they release their toxins into the environment and contribute to depletion of the ozone layer, pollute groundwater, contaminate the soil, and harm plant and animal life. For example:

  • Phosphates, found in dishwasher and laundry detergents, cause algae bloom, which kills fish and aquatic plants, and produces chemicals that are toxic to animals and people who drink the water.
  • Trisodium nitrilotriacetate is a possible carcinogen in laundry detergents. It can disrupt the elimination of metals in wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite), available alone and in detergents and other products, is toxic to fish and can bind with organic compounds in water to form organochlorines, which break down slowly in the environment and accumulate in the fatty tissues of wildlife. Chlorine is especially toxic to organisms that live in water and soil.
  • Napthas and mineral spirits, found in furniture polishes, are neurotoxins and considered hazardous waste. Mineral spirits break down very slowly and contaminate air and water.
  • Formaldehyde, an ingredient in furniture polish and various cleaning products, is a potential human carcinogen and a known cancer-causing agent in animals.
  • Phthalates, found in furniture polish, disrupt hormone function and can cause genetic defects in both animals and humans.
  • Ether-type solvents, methylene chloride, butyl cellosive, and petroleum distillates, found in oven cleaners are hazardous waste and can contaminate the air, water, and soil.
  • Sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide, in drain cleaners, can change the pH of water and cause fish kills.


Rain, rain go away....

Liz Queen of Clean

Have you ever seen weather like it?! In June! The garden is a swamp, my pot plants are drowned and the poor old birds and cats outside look miserable! The children can’t kick a ball as the grass is so soggy and the muck and wet they trail inside when they do venture out makes me doubly glad of my easy clean wood and tiles on the floor.  I know the gardens appreciate a good drenching now and then but I don’t.  Do you have holidays planned to escape the Irish monsoon or are you stuck here like me for the great Irish Summer?

Carpet v wood/tiled flooring. Malones asks the question.

Liz Queen of Clean

Wood flooring

Wood flooring

A friend in the interiors business told me the other day that carpets are making a comeback. It seems that we are over the minimalist phase and that comfort and luxury are top of her clients’ wish lists. Wallpaper has replaced paint in many stylish homes over the past three years, adding some much needed softness to offset the leather and glass we have all embraced in our houses.

I must say that while I love the prettiness of some wallpaper prints and my polished glass and my soft leather furniture, I won’t be chasing the carpet trend anytime soon.  For me with small children, I think you just can’t beat the beautifully warm look of a wooden floor and the handiness of just spraying and wiping clean.

What are your thoughts?

Sellling your home and keeping it clean can be a trial

Liz Queen of Clean

I had coffee this morning with a friend whose house is on the market – a tough proposition in this current market, as you can imagine; but I was amazed to find that she was in great form and very upbeat about the situation. Despite having to vacate her house twice a week to allow strangers to trek through the place, the big fringe benefit she sees is that she always has a clean house!! The agent told them to declutter at the start of the sales process and before each viewing on a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning, the whole family pitches in to scrub and polish for the viewers.

 The place doesn’t really get dirty anymore with this ongoing routine and despite not being the most house proud family (three teenage sons and accompanying football kit, boots etc.) they are finding they like living in a ‘showhouse’ . She says “ I don’t have much confidence in the house selling with the market as it is but it might teach my dirty divils better habits that carry over – for a while at least!). Actually sometimes when we have the place all tidy and smelling freshly of lavender, myself and my husband look at each other and aks oursevles why we are selling?

It got me thinking about the tips people use when selling their home.  The baked bread in the oven, the coffee aroma and the fresh cut flowers in every room. 

I'll share a few of my cleaning up before a viewing tips in the next blog but if you have any to add please drop us a note.

"Treat not trigger". Malones, Proud corporate sponsors of the Asthma Society of Ireland

Liz Queen of Clean

Malones was developed to bring a valued brand to consumers. Not just a range of products that would work but ones that could be used knowing it wouldn't cause harm to a family member, pet, home or environment.

It was important to underpin this message by becoming corporate sponsors of The Asthma Society of Ireland - an excellent organisation and one we are proud to be associated with. 

Malones natural cleaning range may be more suitable for people with asthma and the many people who are sensitive to harsh cleaning products.

We love the garden they have created for Bloom2011  which  is, (and I quote) "To highlight how better air quality and managing environmental triggers contribute to asthma control and a better quality of life in general for people with asthma and allergies, the Asthma Society of Ireland has created “Treat not Trigger- the Asthma & Allergy Friendly Garden” at the Bloom in the Park gardening festival over the June bank holiday weekend"  Makes perfect sense but read more here (clickedy click)

I wish the society the very best of luck and comfy shoes for the 5 days over the weekend.

We have been delighted to give a hamper to one lucky Bloom visitor each day - so remember to visit the Asthma Society garden and stand to win it!

Quick the Queen is coming, best remember... "tips on cleaning the house for royalty!

Liz Queen of Clean


I remember when I was an annoying child and my mum used to ask me to clean my room, I reply "Why? Whose coming, the Queen!".  Never did I think a truer word would be spoken and while she won't be popping in for tea, its good to know if I did get the heads up that she'd be appearing I'd know just what to do inside 15 minutes!

What it is: A 15 Minute Cleanup is the quickest step-by-step guide to cleaning a room in 15 minutes or less. While the room may not pass the white glove test, it will be more than presentable to guests, royalty or otherwise!

What it Isn’t: A 15 Minute Cleanup is not the only cleaning regimen you’ll need to keep your home in tip top shape. It’s not the general intense cleaning we all love to do, (!), but a brief pickup of a room.

Why A 15 Minute Cleanup Works: A 15 Minute Cleanup works because it recognizes that there are three types of items we need to clean up in a room. Everything falls into one of three categories...

  • Trash
  • Things that don't belong in the room.
  • Things that belong in the room, in a different place.

Having only a few categories to sort items into makes a pickup run more smoothly. The 15 Minute Cleanups also work because they are designed to maintain a room. Having a 15 Minute Cleaning session in a room several times a week will keep your home looking great between more intense cleanings.

More Intense Cleanups:

If you need a little more intense cleanup, you can try the following. These cleanups will take you between 1-2 hours per room depending on how much cleaning they’ve had lately. When you make your cleaning schedule, you can use the 15 Minute Cleanups and the Intense Cleanups together to create a perfectly clean home.

You can do it in 15 min!! GO!!!

What Supplies You Need:

  • Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Attachment (for high ceilings, walls, corners)
  • Dusting Spray and/or
  • Furniture Polish- Malones Wax can be used for wood around the house.
  • Microfiber cloths (for general and intricate dusting)
  • A dust rag, basket, bag, or box to put non-living room items.

15 Minute Living Area Cleanup

This cleanup can work for formal and informal living areas and sitting areas. It also works for the other rooms where entertaining is done. The idea with this cleanup is to get the room ready for guests, or events without spending a lot of time on the details. Hoover, dust and dump the junk.

  • Put all items that do not belong in the living room in a container.
  • Tackle the couch.
  • Dust down the coffee table and arrange its contents properly.
  • Put all items that do not belong in the living room in a container.
  • Dust down the coffee table and arrange its contents properly.
  • Neatly arrange the magazines and books.
  • Vacuum or sweep up the floor.
  • Put away your dust rag and vacuum or broom.

15 Minute Kitchen Cleanup

The kitchen cleanup aims to remove trash, dirty dishes, and unwanted items from a kitchen, making it ready to be used, or in good shape for guests to be around. While you won’t scrub out the refrigerator, or clean under the sink in this cleanup (save that for the spring clean), do remove any rubbish and dishes, making your kitchen clean and clutter free.

Grab all of your needed supplies together (listed above.)

  • Basic Cleaning Supply listed above
  • Best All-Purpose Cleaners– Malones Anti Bacterial may be useful for around the kitchen
  • Best Housekeeping Gloves

Run a sink of hot, soapy water.

If you have a double sink with a garbage disposal on one side, make sure to use the disposal-free side. Keeping the disposal side free will allow you to scrape leftovers down the drain quickly while you work.

Scrape off all the dishes into the trash or garbage disposal.

If step 2 has blocked your disposal, scrape the dishes off onto a dirty plate. Try to choose the dishes that are going to give you or your dishwasher the most trouble to get clean. Put the heavily soiled dishes on the bottom. Large dishes like pans and bowls can be filled with hot soapy water and set on the counter to soak.

  • While the dishes are soaking, go through the kitchen clearing out trash from your floor, countertops, cupboards, etc.
  • Move on to gathering all the items that do not belong in the kitchen. Put all these items into a basket (see supplies).
  • Put away all of the items that belong in the kitchen but are not in their proper places.
  • Load the dishwasher or wash by hand.
  • Wash down your countertops, appliances, and sink.
  • Sweep and mop, or vacuum.
  • Take out the trash.

15 Minute Bathroom Cleanup

The bathroom cleanup helps you quickly organise and wipe down bathroom surfaces. Give the loo a good scrub - this should really be done every day or two days minimum anyway. This cleanup will work to maintain your weekly bathroom scrub down, or get a bathroom ready in a hurry when unexpected guests show up.

  • Grab your supplies
  • Grab all dirty clothing and put it in a hamper.
  • Grab all trash and put in the trash can.
  • Take a disinfectant wipe and wipe down the sink and tub.
  • Using a toilet brush and toilet cleaner, briefly scrub out the inside of the toilet.
  • Using a disinfectant wipe, wipe down the outside of the toilet.
  • Using glass cleaner or vinegar, wipe down the mirror.
  • Pickup all the items belonging in another room.
  • Return items that belong in the bathroom to their proper places.
  • Sweep or mop.

15 Minute Kid’s Room Cleanup

This kid’s room cleanup is great for parents at a loss for where to begin when faced with a disaster area child’s room. It’s also perfect for older readers who can actually follow the list themselves to get their rooms clean.

  • Grab your supplies.
  • Grab all dirty clothing and put it in a hamper.
  • Grab all trash and put it in the trash can.
  • Make the bed.
  • Grab all the clean clothes and refold or rehang.
  • Pickup all the toys from the floor, bed, desk, etc.
  • Pickup all the items that don't belong in the room and place them in a basket, box, or bag.
  • Sweep and mop, or vacuum.

15 Minute Bedroom Cleanup

Like many people, I usually leave cleaning my own bedroom for last. After a busy day or week, a bedroom can be in terrible shape. This cleanup will help maintain a bedroom or give it a quick pickup just in time for a restful night.

  • Grab your supplies.
  • Grab all dirty clothing and put it in a hamper.
  • Grab all clean clothes and refold or re-hang.
  • Grab all trash and put in the trashcan.
  • Make the bed.
  • Pickup all the misplaced items on the floor, bed, desk, etc.
  • Straighten surfaces.
  • Sweep and mop or vacuum.
  • Put away your supplies

That's it. You're done. Does it look like a place you'd actually like to live in?

Why clean?

Liz Queen of Clean


Why do we bother? Why do we care? There is days like this in everyone's life when they just don't know why we keep on cleaning up after everyone else, (of course I'm perfect and leave no mess around!).

So I'm asking.. Why clean?

Well I've got a couple of answers to that one.

  • It makes me feel better to live in a clutter free, clean enviroment
  • Clean homes give good karma!
  • There's less stress when you come home to a home your proud of
  • They say if you live in a clean home your more likely to be fitter and have more energy than those who don't (not sure I agree with that!)
  • A clean house can save money (replacing items you still have (because you don’t know where they are), and eating out more often than you need to (because your kitchen is too cluttered and messy for regular cooking)
  • When your home is clean and uncluttered you appreciate it more
  • And let's face it, if we're honest one of the top reasons Less fuss less fights!

So! What's your reasons?